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     Sinston Sealing Material Factory 

     About this company : Sinston Sealing Material Factory is one of main exporter & manufacturers of sealing material & insulation material in China. lies in Cixi city belonging to Ningbo area of eastern coast in China. There are 10 series main products: Seals gasket, gland packing, gasket sheet, seal tools, rubber products, PTFE products, asbestos products, fiberglass products, ceramic fiber products & mechanical seals, High Standard and high quality are appointed as fixed-point products by many domestic middle and big enterprises, are sold far to Japan, South Korea, Brazil, USA, United Kingdom, Middle-East countries and regions, and have found favor in eyes of customers in power, petrol, metallurgical, chemical, building materials, mechanical, space flight and other trades and overseas market. Our main product : gland packing: Expanded Graphite Packing, Die-formed graphite ring, Carbon fiber packing, Aramid fiber packing, Kevlar packing, White PTFE packing, Chinese GFO packing, Vegetable fiber packing, Ramie/Fax fiber packing, Cotton packing, Arcylic fiber packing, glass fiber packing, asbestos packing Injectalbe Packing and so on . Gasket : Spiral wound Gasket, Double Metal Jacketed gasket, PTFE Enveloped Gasket, Kamprofile gasket, Ring Joint Gasket, Corrugated Metal gasket, Serrated (grooved) gasket, Metal O rings, PTFE gasket, Copper gasket, Non-asbstos gasket and so on . Gasket sheet material: Expanded graphite sheet/Roll, Non-asbestos sheet, PTFE sheet, Mica sheet, Ceramic fiber paper, Mineral wool, Rubber sheet, Rubber cork sheet,asbestos sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos beater sheet, oil-resisting asbestos rubber sheet and so on . Packing material: Expanded Graphite Yarn ( Reinforced by cotton, Glass fiber, Carbon fiber ), Carbonized fiber yarn (impregnated with PTFE), Spun Carbonized fiber yarn reinforced with glassfiber impregnated with PTFE. Carbon fiber yarn . Kevlar fiber yarn, Spun Kevlar yarn reinforced with glass fiber impregnated with PTFE . Spun aramid yarn reinforced glass fiber impregnated with PTFE. Pure PTFE yarn (oil free or with oil ). Ramie yarn impregnated with PTFE , Arcylic fiber yarn reinforced with glass fiber impregnated with PTFE Gasket Materials:Graphite tape for S.W gasket, Asbestos tape for S.W gasket, Universal PTFE Tape for SW. gasket. Flat Metal Tape (Thickness:02mm) , V-shape Metal Tape ( Thickness :02mm) For SW gasket. Metal Sheet( Thickness:04mm) for Double Jacketed Gasket . Tanged Metal Sheet , Metal Sheet/Strip ( thickness:2/4mm) for ring . Corrugated Metal Strip (Thickness:2/4mm) Oxidized Graphite Tools & Machines:Packing tools, Injection Gun , Handy Gasket Cutter , Gasket Double Cutter . Insulation materials: Asbestos tape, Asbestos cloth, Asbestos yarn , Ceramic fiber yarn, Ceramic fiber tape, Ceramic fiber paper, Ceramic fiber cloth, Ceramic fiber board, Ceramic fiber felt, Ceramic fiber blanket, Glass fiber yarn, glass fiber tape, glass fiber cloth, PTFE rod, PTFE sheet, PTFE yarn, Graphite yarn, graphite tape, Graphite cloth and so on Mechanical Seals, Oil seals, O rings, Rubber washers and other rubber products .

     Contact : Martin chan, sales Manager 
     Headquarters : No.23, Zhendong Road, Changhe town, Cixi, Zhejiang, 315326, China
     Phone : 0086-574-63392037, Fax : 0086-574-63441698 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     reinforced graphite gasket reinforced graphite gasket

we make the reinforced graphte gasket,  there are basic type graphite gasket, with inner eyelets reinforced graphite, with inner and outer eyelets reinforced graphite gasket. For more information please contact us.
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     Die-formed  graphite ring Die-formed graphite ring

Description: die formed ring are made of low-sulphur expanded graphite without any fillers or binders. They are compressed in precise moulding tools to the required density. Due to the high purity of the material (>98%), no special corrosion protection is required. In general, it has square section and also has V-shaped and wedge-shaped section, the rear two kinds style are suitable for high pressure sealing.

SINSTON2020E�Reinforced Die formed Graphite Ring Moulded from pure flexible graphite with reinforcement, the insert materials stainless steel foil or mesh etc. are available on request. To protect against oxidation, the stainless steel cap is necessary.
SINSTON2020K�Die formed Graphite Ring with Corrosion Inhibitor Corrosion inhibitor acts as a sacrificial anode to protect the valve stem and the stuffing box. SINSTON2020EK is reinforced graphite ring with corrosion inhibitor.

It has all properties of expanded graphite, can bear violent alteration of temperature and pressure. It is ideal packing for valves and static seal in almost all applications. Can be used as stand-alone packing or in combination SIN203 high carbon fiber anti-extrusion packing rings, except when stems are severely damaged. SINSTON have cooperation with more famous Valve manufacturer in the world.

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     spiral wound gasket spiral wound gasket 6000

we make the spiral wound gasket, basic type spiral wound gasket, with inner ring spiral wound gasket, with outer ring spiral wound gasket, with inner and outer ring spiral wound gasket .
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