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     vedic herbal & aromatics 

     About this company : We are fast growing Indian enterprise. Based at Maharashtra state. We are processor and supplier of herbs, as well sourcing & supply various herbs on request from all over India. We deal in herbal products & essential oils from far interiors of Indian forest. We have collection sources in almost all interiors areas of forests. We have our own cultivation center of herbs in Maharashtra state at Nagpur district. We are committed to excellence in supplying high quality raw herbs & essential oils at most competitive prices, by utilinqing our well motivated man power & Vendors.

     Contact : rahul pilare, owner 
     Headquarters : plot no 10 shila nagar katol road, gittikhadan , nagpur, maharashtra, 440013, India
     Phone : 9766110815, Fax : 0712-2562687 
     Email : Log on to trade instantly

     annatto seed annatto seed

Annatto is a natural carotenoid obtained from bixa orellana shrub.The ripe fruits of annatto on drying yield annatto seed which serves as the raw material for the production of annatto colour.

Uses: The annatto dye is non toxic and is mainly used for colouring edible materials like

butter , ghee other milk product , cheese , cosmetics etc.

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