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     Anping Glory Wire Mesh Products Factory  

     About this company : Anping Glory Wire Mesh Products Factory is a Professional Manufacturer Of Woven Mesh And Wire Mesh Further Processing Series Products, Founded In 2000 In Anping County, The Famous Wire Mesh Land Of China. We Rank Among The Top Wire Mesh Manufacturers With Further Processing And Woven Production In The Factory. Glory Manufactory Have Workshops Have For Professional Machines, Like Weaving Machines,Punch Machines,Lathe,WeldingMachines, Packing Machines, And Equip Test,Metrical Instrument . Also We Have ProfessionalTechnicians And Managerial Staff.We Follow The "Not Short Cut For The Quality And Value", ProfessionalEngineer And Sales Group For Doing Business Service ,Base On Our Advanced Technology And Complete Inspection System, We Base On ISO9001:2000 Quality Management SystemCertificate .ToManufacture and producing ,make sure nice and suitable For industrial demand. Our Products Included Stainless Steel woven mesh,Stainless steel wider wire mesh,Stainless Steel filtration mesh,Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh,Stainless Steel Security window Screen,Stainless Steel Window Screen Mesh.Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen, Stainless Steel Flat WedgeScreen panel, Stainless Steel welded Mesh, Stainless Steel Decorative wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Braided Sleeving, Stainless steel mesh Kitchen Sink Strainer, BBQ, Floral Easel. Florist Wire. We Also Can Manufacture And Processing Customer Wire Mesh Products. As Your Drawing Or Sample, Like Filter Cylinder Mesh, Filter element or parts, Perforated Metal Sheet, Wire Mesh Strainer. Disc Filters, Wire Mesh Baskets, wire mesh conveyor belt. Then can make sure suitable your filter machines, Look like Y strainer, Water treatment machines, gas and oil filtration enquitment system.and so on . Our Wire And Wire Mesh Products Are Widely Used In Construction Decoration, Ore Screening, Water treatment Filtration, Rubber and plastic filter separation Chemicals industry, Recycling, Replacement sieve system, Agricultural, foods and beverage processing, filter strainer, edible oil and wheat flour processing and filtration industrial, Phanaceuticals, Oil and gas industrial, Gift Packaging, Floristry, Kitchenware, bathroom, Food processing and refinesugar Industry. Our products sell well to more thanThirtyprovinces in China and also export to Europe, America, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa etc. more than Twenty countries and regions. Our Filter elements and parts and woven mesh have great reputation in Netherlands, Russia, Venezuela, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, UK and USA, and wire craft by Florist wire products got hight appreciated in Los Angleles and Newyork market. Thanks to the help and support from friends both home and abroad, we have achieved constant, andour products enjoygood reputation from worldwide customers.

     Contact : Gary yan, Manager 
     Headquarters : Anping Wire Mesh Industrial zone, Anping, hengshui, hebei, 053600, China
     Phone : 0086-311-80773547, Fax : 0086-311-80773547 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Stainless steel wire mesh  Stainless steel wire mesh

The Stainless steel wire mesh is made of the SS wire to woven , also called Stainless steel woven mesh Screen ,  To made the square hole  with plain weaven, named Stainless steel square mesh. For the Twilled woven ,can called Stainless steel twilled mesh cloth.

The Stainless steel wire mesh and screen mesh is reeds with imports of wire mesh for weave .To make sure the hole or mesh have uniform size ,smooth and beautiful mesh screen for suitable to filter industrial.

The Material Have SS 304, 304l, 316, 316l .
The Weaving Type: Plain Weave, Twill Weave,
The Woven Mesh Width : 0.5m-6m 
Packing: WaterProof Paper ,Woven Bag ,Wooden Box And Also Can Be Made As Per Client Requirement.
Plain Woven : each weft wire passes over one and under one warp wire, and each warp wire passes over one
and under one weft wire, every weft wire have and warp wire the same diameter. characteristics: square aperture ,
high flow through,relative high open area, as result less pressure drop during filtration suitable for all kinds of filtration .

Twill Weave :each weft wire passes over two and under two warp wires, and each warp wire passes over and
under two weft wires. the wire diameter for both(warp and weft)is mostly the same

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     Filter pack mesh  Filter pack mesh 4.2mm/5.2mm/6mm/8mm/12.7mm/15mm/25mm/101mm.

Disc filter stainless Steel 20mesh /40mesh (dia. 51mm, single layer) Disc filters stainless Steel 20mesh (dia. 140mm,  single layer) 30mesh /50mesh/70mesh (dia. 140mm, Double layer) Disc filters stainless Steel 20mesh (dia.51mm, single layer) 40mesh (dia. 51mm, single layer) Disc filters stainless Steel 50mesh (dia. 15mm, single layer) 100mesh (dia. 15mm, single layer) 200mesh (dia. 15mm, single layer) SS 304 ,SS 316,SS 316L

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     Floral Easel Floral Easel 18

The Floral Easel is made of the low carbon wire to proessing and welded , Then Coading the painting or pvc covering . The surface smooth and beautiful , never to be shed, like to bright , Folds down for quick removal. The PVC coading is very nice than painting ,To share USA canada Market now .

The Green Wire Easel used to  display design wreath ,hearts , crosses and  flower basket , and so on . They are can stay at indoor and outdoor , very popular in festivals , Grand festival days, holidays , wedding and
funeral days. So person named Florist Easels ,Green Wire easel , Wreath easel and wire wreath display easels. The packing with cartons and UPS tags  .For easy for carry and into warehouse. ,our products export the USA nada UK, we have greatest reputation in our florist customer.

Wire Easel  (Dia: 2.65mm),     18" Tall  (8.75"wide) ,     0.187 LB. (Green) /PCS
Wire Easel  (Dia:3.5mm),        24" Tall  (11.5"Wide),     0.313 LB. (Green) /PCS
Wire Easel  (Dia: 4.3mm),       30" Tall  (14"wide) ,        0.563 LB. (Green) /PCS
Wire Easel  (Dia: 4.8mm),       36" Tall  (18.25"wide) ,   0.875 LB. (Green /PCS
Wire Easel  (Dia: 5.3mm),       42" Tall  (19.25"wide) ,   1.25   LB. (Green) /PCS
Wire Easel  (Dia: 5.5mm),       48" Tall  (22.25"wide) ,   1.625 LB. (Green)/PCS
Wire Easel  (Dia: 5.8mm),       54" Tall  (24"wide) ,        2.062 LB.  (Green) /PCS
Wire Easel   (Dia:6.3mm),       60" Tall(26.25"Wide),      2.562 LB. (Green)  /PCS
Wire Easel   (Dia:7.5mm),       66" Tall. (34" Wide)         3.715 LB. (Green) /PCS
Wire Easel   (Dia:8.5mm),       72" Tall (34.5" Wide),      4.713 LB. (Green) /PCS
For Instance : Wire Dia. 5.5mm, 18" hight, 22.25" width, 1.625/LBs, 25 pcs/case, 5 Cases / Carton

We can accept different Wire dia. for made and packing accord to customers' requirements.

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     Florist wire  Florist wire Gauge30-Gauge16

The florist wire is throught Drawing iron wire , annealing , cooling ,then to painting  of your need size ,All the production by our engineer checking and test ,To keeping the good quanlity products . The Florist wire painting Colour is colourful and various . So can suitable To the floral art enthusiast.

Material inside: iron wire, annealed wire, galvanized wire.
lacquered color: green, red, blue, black, white. brown .and so on ,all kinds of colour.
After painting wire diameter: 0.3-1.6mm / swg32# -16# / Gauge30 - Gauge16.

The florist wire of types :
cut florist wire, wooden stick florist wire , paddle floral wire .

We supply this types wire is widely used in making of culture items . arts , crafts and gift packing business area . It is also used to decoration of christmas trees and bind the flesh flower , aslo can use to floral Stem wire , flowers bind wire , garden wire
and corsage wire choosing the right colour and nice quality florist wire basics can be just as important as choosing the correct
flowers for your arrangement and make them match perfectly, suitably & beautifully .

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     Perforated Plate Screen Perforated Plate Screen

Perforated Plate Screen

Perforated Plate Screen

The perforated plate screen is made the metal plated sheet to punching by CNC, after punching and pressing the screen of mesh ,the mesh is nice hole and peachy surface. also called : punching metal sheet or perforated plate mesh. The perforated mesh shape: round hole and square hole.

Material:  Aluminum plate ,  Aluminum sheet one face to coat polyester. stainless steel 304 . 316 . 316lL plate,

Characteristics: The surface is smooth, beautiful, the usage is extensive.
If you offer let us to known you need size , or you drawing of perforated screen mesh , our engineer will be base your requstment for processing and making .

Used: Widely used in the core of filter, medicine, filtering, breeding, battery, mechanical protecting, making the crafts,
|the meshes for the high-grade sound box, decoration, the seating for children, baskets, etc.

The specification only for reference, it can be done according to the requests of the customers.


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     Stainless steel  Crimped Wire mesh  Stainless steel Crimped Wire mesh

The Stainless Steel Crimped wire mesh is made of the SS  crimped wire for woven with the mesh . First ,Let
the SS wire processing crimped wire . Then to woven for mesh or Screen, also called Stainless steel woven wire
or Stainless Steel woven Screen . 
Weaving patterns : duble crimp screen ,single intermediate crimp screen , double intermediate
crimp screen , Lock Crimp screen .
Materials: Stainless Steel Wire 304 . 304L. 316, 316L
Type Of Weaving: Weaving After Crimped,
The Two Curved Card Is In Relative Position, Guarantee The Mesh Size.

Crimped Wire Mesh
Wire Diameter mm Mesh mm Wire Diameter mm Mesh mm
2.0--1.6 3 1.0--0.6 10
1.8--1.2 3.5 0.8--0.5 12
1.6--0.7 4 0.7--0.5 14
1.6--0.6 5 0.60--0.4 16
1.5--0.8 6 0.6--0.4 18
1.2--0.7 8 0.5--0.35 20

Widely And Professions Used In Screening Or Sieving In Mine, Glass Factory, Coal Factory, Construction,
Petroleum And Decoration Protecting Etc.

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     Stainless Steel Decorative Wire mesh  Stainless Steel Decorative Wire mesh

Glorywire mesh factory Decorative wire mesh is made with super quality stainless steel 304.316.316L materials.
Metal wire mesh fabrics are now catching the eyes of modern designers. It is widely used as curtains, screens for
dining hall,isolation in hotels, ceiling decoration, Animal containment and security fencing, etc.
With it's versatility, unique texture, variety of colors, durability and flexibility, metal wire mesh fabric offers a
modern decoration style for constructions. When it is used as curtains, it offers a variety of color changes with
light and gives unlimited imagination.
Material : SS 304.316.316L
Wire Diameter
Wrap Cable group : 2.75 mm x 3
Weft wire :4mm
Pith wrap cable
Wrap cable Group : 110mm
Weft wire :14.5mm
Transperency:Approx 65.9%
Total mesh Thickness: 9.5mm
Weight 8.48kg /SQmtr.
Width :4-6m acceptable
Material : SS 304.316.316L
Wire Diameter .
Wrap Cable group : 3 mm x 3
Weft wire :3mm
Pith wrap cable
Wrap cable Group : 40mm
Weft wire :11mm
Total mesh Thickness: 9.0mm
Weight :9.5kg /SQmtr
Width :4-6m acceptable

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     Stainless Steel Disc Filters Mesh Stainless Steel Disc Filters Mesh 19.37mm/12mm/11.4mm/21mm/250mm/9.5mm

The Stainless Steel  Disc Filters mesh is made of The Stainless Steel wire mesh ,Stainless steel wire cloth and SS mesh Screen for stamping press or punching ,Then can also to wrapping the edge ,also named Disc Filters .

the materials of filter mesh have 202.304.304L.316,316Lstainless steel wire mesh ,stainless steel wire cloth , dutch wire mesh , soft steel wire cloth.etc.
Fineness of disc filters: from 2mesh to 400mesh
The Filters Disc has two types, one is edge with package or wrapped age, and another is welded.
The edge is combination of multiplayer filtration Screen wrapped in punched no-connection smooth metal plate.
The plate is cold-punching, cutting, expanding, extending
The wrapped or package edge material :Stainless Steel sheet ,iron sheet , aluminium plate.
The edge is smooth, no connection, so the edge of the filtration netting can be easily airproofed

Types Items  I.D ( mm )  O.D. (mm)  T( mm )
DO-1  Max72.5 Max102.5 1.0-6.0

Wire mesh disc filters: Disc filters single layer;  Disc filters multi-layered.
The shape of filter Disc : round, ring, rectangle, ellipse, square and so on.

Types Items D(mm) E(mm) T(mm)
DF-1 10-588 0.5-1 1.0-6.0

All the above Specifications just for reference, The Special Specifications of Products ,
please show us the Drawing of your need goods ,Then our engineer will be checking and manufacturing .

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     Stainless steel Filter Cylinder Mesh  Stainless steel Filter Cylinder Mesh

The Stainless Steel Filter Cylinder Mesh material : SS 202.302.304,304L,316,316LWire Cloth , Dutch wire mesh ,perforated sheet mesh and Woven wire cloth .Used to SS wire mesh and SS perforated sheet for Cylinder or Tube with the argon arc Welding or gas welding .

We can manufacture single layer cylinder Mesh ,douable Layers ,three layers and multilayer cylinder Mesh.

Types Items
All the above Specifications just for reference,The Special Specifications of Products,
please show usthe Drawing of yourgoods ,Then our engineer will be checking and manufacturing.

The Filter Cylinder Mesh with Perforated screen Called Punpkin Screen Mesh.

Filter Cylinder mesh is use in film coating, lamination and filtration Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical
Rubber & Plastic Industries. the Multilayer mesh cylinder for Mufflers insert applications Cone.


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     Stainless steel Filtration Mesh  Stainless steel Filtration Mesh

The Stainless Steel Filtration mesh is also known as Stainless Steel dutch woven Filter cloth or Stainless Steel dutch woven Filtration mesh . For weaven types have Stainless steel plain dutch wire mesh and Stainless steel twilled dutch mesh .

The material have SS 304, 304L, 316, 316L .
the weaving type: plain  dutch weave, twill dutch weave,
The woven mesh width : 0.5m-4m
Packing: water-proof paper ,woven bag ,wooden box and also can be made as per client requirement.
Plain Dutch weave: woven as a plain weave. Each warp wire and each weft wire passes over and under the next
adjacent complementary wire, as in normal Plain Weave, except the warp wires are larger in diameter than the
weft wires. This allows a greater mesh count in the weft direction.

Dutch twilled weave:Each warp wire and each weft wire passes over and under the next two adjacent
complementary wires, as in a normal Twill Weave, except the warp wires are larger in diameter than the
weft wires. This allows a greater mesh count in the weft direction. This weave pattern enables the weft
wires to be woven more densely, and much smaller aperture sizes can be achieved without forsaking
cloth thickness

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     Stainless Steel Security Windows Screen Stainless Steel Security Windows Screen

Stainless Steel Security Windows Screen
Stainless steel Security Screen also the Stainless steel safety Screen or Stainless Steel Windows and Door Security Screen .
SS Security Screen is made by high strength stainless steel wire, treated with black matte, and match with superior quality Aluminum Alloy frame. It has many advantages: To protecct  home and family from intructders and would -be thieves , Save your life and property. The SS security Screens mesh put into the frame together ,keep and suitable for the Aluminium Frame 6063-T5 Grade Aluminum .The Screen ,The Security Screen is mothproof, ventilated, beautiful, secure and so on. And it will give you a clear view and good protection.    

Wire Diameter: 0.8mm
Mesh:11 נ11 mesh
Material: T304 ,T 316 grade
Treatment: Black Matte (power coated)
Size of Sheet(Available):
750mm נ2000mm (2400mm)
9000mm נ2000mm (2400mm)
1200mm נ2000mm (2400mm)
Aluminium Frame 6063-T5 Grade Aluminium  For suitable size .

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     Stainless steel Wedge wire Screen   Stainless steel Wedge wire Screen

Stainless steel wedge wire screens is made of SS "V"shaped and SS "V" shaped  or SS "V" shaped and  SS rod ,and SS "V" shaped  and SS "Square "shaped rod with an unique weldeding process,offering  great strenght .precision ,long service life . The Screen  have a perfectly flat and smooth surface  with rectangular openings , also named flat wedge wire screen or wegde wire .
The Support Rode : Square rode , "V" shape wire nvex shape wire.
A continuous slot opening which significantly increases the available open area, thus
providing a greater access to the water bearing zone.
A "V" shaped profile wire which avoids clogging and ensures uninterrupted flow.
A uniform and efficient well development due to the continuous slot opening
Uses:Applications for wedge wire screen panels include cross flow sieves, vibrating screen decking,mineral processing, surface water intake screens, fish diversion screen panels, hatchery screens, food processing, and flooring for malt kiln, germination, and grain drying.Wedge wire screen panels can be constructed

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     Stainless Steel Welded wire mesh  Stainless Steel Welded wire mesh

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh
The Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh is producting of  SS wire to Welded for The mesh , The hole or mesh smooth ,nice surface and strong structural .Never no rust .better than galvanied welded wire mesh. The Small  wire dia. can done the roll mesh ,Called Stainless Steel welded mesh . The Large wire dia. ,can welded the panel  or sheet  ,then named Stainless Steel welded wire mesh panel or Stainless Steel welded mesh sheet  .

Material : stainless steel wire SS201.SS202.SS302.SS304. SS 304L .SS 316 SS 316L

It has the good property of corrosion-resisting and oxidation-resisting.

Usage: It is widely used on the industry, agriculture, building, transportation, mine, field, lawn, cultivation, Profession's guard,
decorate, machie protection etc.


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     Stainless steel woven mesh sleeve  Stainless steel woven mesh sleeve

The Stainless Steel woven Mesh Sleeve is made of the Stainless steel wire for round tube or a cylinder woven or braid ,Then will be show the Sleeve shaped , also named  Stainless Steel Braided Sleeve or  stainless steel braid sleeving

This types  braid sleeving fits snugly onto existing hoses's non-corrosive sleeving not protects components  from high temps and  abrasion ,but also helps to hold hoses togher in the event of a rupture ,It's also easy to cut with shears for scissors.

Material: Stainless steel 304.304L, 321 .316 , 316L

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     Tortoise Shell Mesh Tortoise Shell Mesh

This types Mesh the Hole or Screen of like as the shell of a turtle, So called Turtle shell mesh ,tortoise shell mesh and tortoise mesh.
Material: A General Carbon Steel 0Cr13.1Cr13. 0Cr18Ni9Ti, SS304.SS316.
Excellency: Hexagon Big Mud Claw Tortoise Shell Mesh reinforceseffectively Anchor ability and interlink
strength with liner material. It canprevent the layer break from anti-heat and heat preservation,
thusenhancing the unite strength of liner.

Characteristics: The hexagon big mire claw tortoiseshell net clearly strength with the anchor man solid ability
of the lining material. Thus and availably strength the link function of the inside material oneself, it can reinforce
-temperature-resist and cannot finalize design liner material, Carbon(A3F) tortoise shell mesh, special
material 0Cr12. Spot welding tortoise shell should be firstly on the boiler or wall of sirocco way, then daubed
anti-fire materialIt can completely control the phenomenon which easily rises skin and sheds off of the
heatproof heat preservation layer, the combine of material of the exaltation lining Prison degree.

Uses: Used for sprinkling to note uncertain form lining material, to the anchor man solid function of lining material.

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     Wedge wire filter elements panel  Wedge wire filter elements panel

Stainless steel Flat wedge screen panel  is made of SS "V"shaped and SS "V"shaped  or SS "V" shaped
and  SS Support "V" shaped rod , and SS "V"shaped  and SS "Square "shaped rod or Convex shape wire
with an unique welding process, offering  great strenght . precision , long service life . The Screen  have
a perfectly flat and smooth surface  with rectangular openings , also named flat wedge wire screen , flat wedge wire screen panel or wedge wire .
The Support Rode : Square rode , "V" shape wire . Convex shape wire.
Gap: 0.5mm-20mm
Wedge wire : 1.5m x2.0mm /2.0mm x2.5mm
support wire : 2.0m x3.0mm /3.0mm x3.5mm
Support distance : 18mm-75mm

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     wire mesh baskets wire mesh baskets

The wire mesh baskets is metal wire to welding for the mesh . then can folding and PVC coating . The surface is nice and smooth .

Material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire
Wire diameter: 2.0mm-6.5mm,Surface treatment: Zinc coated, pvc coated
Colour: black, white ,orange ,red ,green, blue (as your request)
Most of our wire mesh containers are made similar with the following types :

(1) 1200x920x1018mm Wire Containers
(2) 1160*846*1124mm Wire Containers
(3) 1000*1200*1250mm Wire Containers
(4) 1030*840*500mm Wire Containers
(5) 1030*840*850mm Wire Containers
(6) 1000*800*850mm Wire Containers
(7) 1200*1000*900mm Wire Containers

If you inquiry offer let me known the flollows information:
1. Material , edge wire dia.size and inside wire dia.
2. The heigh , width, length ,the mesh size .
3. surface deal with (PVC or Zinc, and other coating )

Characteristic of the products:

Wire mesh baskets and wire trays have many applications in the commercial, industrial and healthcare sectors and can
be designed to carry, transport, protect and store almost any item. Health care applications include operating theatres
and ambulances; lunch box holders, wire shoe racks and book holders are popular with schools and colleges; our wire
shopping baskets are the choice of many of our leading retailers; and the public sector uses a range of our products
such as wire waste bins in parks and at concerts. Bespoke products include letterboxes, sports drinks baskets, postal
units/trays and wire cemetery baskets.

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     Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt  Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

The Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt is made of The metal wire to woven with mesh .To used to the food  and print inductril . The conveyor belt mesh is machine for weave ,then to welding by argon arc or gas welding with engineer , If you need have suitable roller chain fro mesh .  all the conveyer belt wire mesh base on the drawing by our engineer to view and learning after ,then to producting and processing. To makesure goods for right size for you need . 

Material: Stainless steel wire, medium or low carbon steel wire, Nickel wire, Manganese wire. Etc.
Weaving and Features: Common weaving, strengthened weaving, sectional common weaving, etc.

Balanced Mesh Conveyor Belt

A=spiral wire Dia. 
B=spiral pitch         
D=Distance Pitch
C= Rod wire Dia.       
E= wire mesh Width

Flat-flex Wire Mesh Belt

W= mesh wire Dia
S= Rod pitch
D=Distance Pitch
pls show me your offer base on your requirtment .
Application: Wire mesh conveyor belt is widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, food machinery, medicine, glass, circuit panel, etc. 

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