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     Zhejiang PanAn Panyu Plastic Factory  

     About this company : Zhejiang PanAn Panyu Plastic Factory mainly produces washing machine inlet hose, outlet hose; dishwasher components, such as spraying arm, outside hose, nozzles etc. Vacuum cleaner hose, including wired cleaner hose, extension hose, steam dual hose, steel wire reinforced and yarn braided hose etc.

     Contact : Ms. Angie Fang , Sales 
     Headquarters : No.71 Xinyuan Road, Anwen Industria, PanAn, Zhejiang, 322300, China
     Phone : 0086-579-84888218, Fax : 0086-579-84888228 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Steam Dual Hose  Steam Dual Hose PY-X18

This hose is fit for steam cleaner. It is two hoses joined. The larger hose with inner diameter 32mm is for dust absorption and the small hose with inner diameter 26mm is for getting through the steam.
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     22V,110V wired hose 22V,110V wired hose PY-X4

This is reinforced, electrically wired vacuum cleaner hoses. It can be wired with 220V, 110V etc. Please contact us for details.
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     Cleaner Hose  Cleaner Hose PY-X5

This is with electrical wire cleaner hose. The wire wrapped in the hose and the button fixed enables the user easily to control the electricity of the cleaner.
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     Hot water Inlet Hose  Hot water Inlet Hose PY-3

This is germany VDE approval hot water hose for washing machine. It can withstand 90℃ hot water without any changes for its characteristics. VDE approval hoses, we still have 70℃ and 25℃.
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     inlet hose  inlet hose PY-JA14

Our this safety inlet hose is with aqua stop system, which can be activated automatically in case of inner hose breakage; and the space between the inner hose and outer hose is filled by water. Cosequently stop the water supply to washing maching.
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     Inlet Hose  Inlet Hose PY-J4

This inlet hose is fit for domestic market seling washing machines. It is with outer diameter 18mm and inner diameter 12mm. We still have many other washing machine inlet hoses for your choice.
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     Outlet Hose  Outlet Hose PY-P4

We are specialized in producing drain hoses.This hose is made of improved PP, which makes it better performance than ordinary pp material. We have many different sizes and connectors for this kind of hose.
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     pump hose pump hose PY-B1

Our this pump hose is plastic rib reinforced smooth inside and outside hose. The size of the thread is 1 inch that is fits for most of the pumps.
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     Sewage Hose  Sewage Hose PY-X14

Our this hose is steel wire reinforced and yarn braided PVC hoses. It is popularly used on industrial cleaner. At present, we have four sizes: ID29MM, 32MM, 38MM and 50mm etc.
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     Triple Spout Garden Hose Triple Spout Garden Hose PY-H1

This is triple spout hose for garden watering, 15 meter hoses each roll with a seven pattern spray gun.
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     Vacuum Hose  Vacuum Hose PY-X3

This is EVA cleaner hose. Good flexibility and elasticity like rubber material. It has Good reel ability even under low temperature. Good luster for its surface and also have aging resistant characteristics.
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