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     About this company : Profile: For your information NAKHL Co. is one of the main suppliers of Dried fruits(Iranian Sair Dates) in different countries and Iran has one of the best quality of Sair Dates in the world. Our head office is located in Tehran( Capital of Iran) and our plant which is located in the south of Iran is equipped with different machineries such as washing , fumigating , sorting , metal detecting , vacuum fumigation… Our product mainly is the ingredient of confectionery , cereal , syrup , sauce , … One of our products is Chopped dates which is like raisins that can also be used in different products related . NAKHL Export Markets: Uk Germany Ireland Canada USA Australia New Zealand Lithuania South Africa Malaysia Netherlands Grades: The dates divided in different grades as bellow. Select : Max.75 Dates / LB B-Grade : Max.85 Dates / LB GAQ : Max.110 Dates / LB Chopped / Diced 8-10 mm (coated with rice flour) Specifications: MOISTURE Between 12-14% max 15% FILTH/MOULD target NIL max 1% INSECTS/EXCRETA target 1% max 2% PITS/CAPS target NIL max 1% SIZING DEFECTS target 5% max 8% Packing: It depends on our customers' inquiry, regarding our experience and the exports we have had to many countries, we usually packed in 10 kg telescopic cartons. Capacity: 3000 MT. Cetificates: ISO 9001 – ISO 22000 Prices: Pitted Select(70-75) USD 860 FOB Bandar Abbas Pitted B-Grade(80-85) USD 810 FOB Bandar Abbas Pitted GAQ (MAX110) USD 760 FOB Bandar Abbas Pitted Chopped(8-10mm) USD 1000 FOB Bandar Abbas

     Contact : Vida M.Torkan, international market officer 
     Headquarters : 15th Khordad Ave., Tehran, 1114774335, Iran
     Phone : 00982155690076, Fax : 00982155576609 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly


We dont have any limitation in the quantity
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