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     HoangHa Trading Co., Ltd 

     About this company : We are one leading manufacturer and supplier stone in Viet Nam with resources of natural stone. Our product includes Granite, Marble, Pebble, Mosaic...etc with high quality and quantity. We are exploiting some stone mines. Beside having cooperation with relative customers, we remain always find new partners who will contact with customer in nation of Europe, West Asia, Australia, USA, Africa,...soon for us. We want to find a consultancy service customer marketing our product all over the world. At present, our company are having many sale off programes for potential customers so i think you shouldn't miss this chance. Please contact with us. Login MarginUp to find more information. We look forwards to customer's cooperation all over the world. Company: HoangHa Trading Co., Ltd Location: No.13/2/160 BachDang street, HoanKiem district, HaNoi, VietNam. Tel:+84.4.9328515 Fax:+84.4.9328516

     Contact : Hoai Thanh, Marketing Agent 
     Headquarters : No.13/2/160 BachDang street, HoanKiem district, HaNoi, 0084, Vietnam
     Phone : +84.4.9328515, Fax : +84.4.9328516 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Granite Granite HoangHa Company

Granite stone is a hard stone ( hardest stone in all of natural stone). This stone includes: Brown, black or blackdark use for counter top as kitchen, bar, table or stairs ( special in houses with large area ).

Good point: Easy to clean, discoloured... by coffee or tea.

HoangHa exported Granite stone with wholesale in some foreign markets like: USA, Japan. We exploit stones from ThanhHoa, NgheAn and BinhDinh's sources. In Vietnam, we are the biggest supplier. Out of exporting, we supply Granite stone to the other interior importing companies. HoangHa's Granite stone is the most voted in Vietnam.

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     Dolomite and Calcium carbonate Dolomite and Calcium carbonate HoangHa Company

Calcium carbonate are used to make: the paint, the papers, the bricks, the chemical medications, the cosmetics and other ones. We can supply to customers amount quantity of calcium carbonate( a hundred a month ) with the best quality and the competitive price.

If you want to have more information about products, please contact to us! We are always ready to answer! MgO ≥ 19%; CaO : 30-31%; Al2O3: 0.13%; Fe2O3 ≤ 0.2%; SiO2 : 0.32%; P2O5: 0.04%; M2O :0.030%; Mn02 : 022%; TiO2 = mark; to lose ≈46%.

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     Marble  Marble HoangHa Company

Marble stone is a short stone using as an Ashlar facing stone for floor, wall or stairs.

Besides, Marble is a multi - colour stone suitable with all size of house ( from small area to big area ). Marble has original from VietNam often high quality and strength, without scratching by rubbing. There's products is exploited and choosed from ThanhHoa, NgheAn, YenBai. After manufactured and processed, HoangHa put foward to the market products with the best quality in Vietnam, without fault though it is the smallest fault.

Customer can order stone product with the biggest measure, reached to 300 spm / a stone dimension for each wight in assuring the quality. We can supply also the most difficult order which can't be supplied by other companies . Marble products are soilled by customer's order.

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     Offer for cooperation Offer for cooperation

Dear sir,

I am writing to you for introduction of ourselves. We are one of leading manufacturer and supplier natural stone in Viet Nam.Our product include: Granite, Marble, Bluestone, Pebble, Mosaic…etc with high quality and quantity...Over 5 years servicing customers, we have established friendly relation with customers all over the world. However, we always expect to expand our business more and more better, so we here to need your assistance.A friend of us has introduce your company, we acknowedge that your company is a consultancy service for inland and international partners to find new chances of business development. And we think that we would make your profits increase each day if you can help us find potential customers and bring valuable contracts. How do you think about the 2% - 5% Commision for per contract which signed between us, we ensure that it will be of you. So by this letter, we think that, like us, you are always willing to set up a new business relation with all partners in and out of your region.

Hoping you will be able to spend alittle time on considering about our offer. We are warmly welcoming to your cooperation ! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Best Regards,

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha
Tel : +84-4-9328515
Fax : +84-4-9328516
Please log on to MarginUp to find more contact information.

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     Pebble and Cobble Pebble and Cobble HoangHa Company

Pebble is a natural product stone, exploited from aged resouces of stone using for home decoration and building.

Pebble has many kinds of sizes with various colour as blue, red, yellow, black and white...small pebble, 3cm x 3cm x 3cm and 5cm x 5cm....

We can meet customer's demand with large quantity and shipping goods in shortest time.

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     Sand - Limestone Sand - Limestone HoangHa Company

Blue stone is a hard stone, using for paving courtyard, garden, swimming pool or ceiling.

Good point: Discoloured when used outdoor, counter - slip, without absorbenting. It ia very nice by its solemn and polite.

Vietnam's Bluestone is massed up in ThanhHoa. To exploit and manufact better, HoangHa equipped advanced technology machines imported from Italia, Taiwen. With more than 20 years in exploiting Bluestone tradition, HoangHa is unique company who can supply big quality products to the customers, reached to some tens contener mouth. With high quality and soilled by customer's order. HoangHa assure always please customer about our products and quality.

HoangHa's Bluestone is appeared every where in the World, rich in kind and style, difference sizes and convanable with every construction. Contact with us to receive our service. Products are soilled by customer's order.

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