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     AV Trading Ltd. 

     About this company : 10 years experience in Import and export from/to Brazil. AV TRADING is an international trading company that divulgates and commercializes Brazilian products around the world. Our catalog includes: - Wood in the rough, Eutaliptus wood treated, top quality Brazilian cachaša and more... Everything with competitive prices and proved quality, in conformity with all international required certifications. Any kind of product you may need, just contact us and we will provide it for you. We'll find whatever Braziliam product you need. Login to keep in touch or call us.

     Contact : Mario Dias Jr, Director 
     Headquarters : Av. Pricesa Isabel,574/1214, Centro, Vitoria, Espirito Santo, 29010-360, Brazil
     Phone : 55 27 32227737, Fax : 55 27 32227737 
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Brazilian Cachaša  Brazilian Cachaša Tabua Flor de Prata

Much used in caipirinhas and drinks the white cachaša provides an adequated flavor and aroma. The Tab˙a Flor-de-Prata is soft, consequence of the rigorous standards of quality that it┤s produced. It┤s storage is made in large barrels of jequitibß.
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     Brazilian Cachaša Brazilian Cachaša Tabua - Flor de Ouro

Thrust for approximately 2 years, the Tab˙a Flor de Ouro differs from the Flor de Prata for exhaling a much softer aroma and for the harmonized balance of alcohol with the pleasant presence of the balsam that certify refined quality
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     Eucalyptus treated Eucalyptus treated Posts, fancies, Corral

Wood treated and immunized. For Fancies, corral, Eletrical post and more 10 years garanty.
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