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     Teixeira&Aguiar import and export ltda  

     About this company : CONBRASIL is a Exclusive association of three artesanal producers of brazilian rum, also known as “Cachaça” (Quality blend made from sugar cane). To guarantee the quality and homogeneity of great lots, we search the advising of Laboratory Specialized in the Seek area and Development of Foods and Drinks, therefore, we can today, offer amount and quality of our blends. We have experience in the bureaucratic requirements, as well, techniques in the exportation area. The yeast is the fuel that triggers the process and the really pollutant must is integrally used to feed the destillary. Our production process is totally handcrafted , following a quality control in its various stages, monitoring the PH of the sugar cane juice, the PH and acidity of the yeast and the acidity of the final product, the “Cachaça” , as well as the other parameters that define it. On one hand, we use the latest technology introducing natural and selected yeasts that were isolated, frozen in laboratories and, when reactivated, result in a vigorous fermentation and in a final product with differentiated flavor and smell. On the other hand, we use the craftiest process to produce our Cachaça, opposite the industrial techniques of producing “much and fast”, following the traditional methods from slavery times, which means a slow distillation that allows a division with efficient separation of secondary and undesirable products The ageing in barrels, providing reactions among the alcohol, the air and the specific essences of each kind of wood, generates a fine, soft and high quality distilled. It is a quality policy of the farms of the associations of CONBRASIL, search for excellence in the production of “Cachaça”, officially recognized by the Brazilian government as a typical Brazilian drink. We are committed to the satisfaction and needs of our clients, honoring our “Cachaça” , which was chosen as a national drink, producing a fine and high qualified distilled to be appreciated and drunk neat and, preferentially, icy. The results above can only be reached with efforts and ethical and professional actions of all, partners and employees, working as a team All our products are made without any agro-toxics or other impurities!!. What we can offer you: 1. Seriousness in the negotiations 2. Experience in the international market 3. The excellency of a manufactured product in artisan way, without agro-toxics or other impurities that generally are found in industrialized cachaças 4. Great amount of production, not compromising in nothing the quality great orders! 5. Five different blends, as known, “TROPICAL”, “CARNAVAL” (carnival), “ILHA GRANDE” (great island), “COLUNINHA” (from the city of coluna) and “SEGREDO DE ARAXÁ” (secret of Araxá) 6. Two different styles of “cachaça”, SILVER and GOLD for each blend we offer!!

     Contact : Igor Van Doornik, Directeur  
     Headquarters : Rua ouro preto 340, sala 202, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais , 30170040, Brazil
     Phone : 55 31 3291 4800, Fax : 55 31 9228 5421  
     Website : Log on to trade instantly , Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Cachaça  Cachaça Tropical 40

Aged Cachaça: GOLD STYLE (4 years aged) in Oack Casts CONBRASIL tries to answer a special market which reaches for a fine beverage to be offered at restaurants, delicatessens and different kinds of events, attending clients who are looking for a high level product. » Not-aged Cachaça: SILVER STYLE (1 year aged) in Jequitibá Casts Responds to demands for consumption of Caipirinhas, cocktails and cookery. In this case, our four blends made by the three producers of the cooperative – CONBRASIL – to attend to great clients in three specific points. " Quality, quantity and standardization are fundamental requirements and strategies that are put at clients' disposal ."
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