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     About this company : Dear Sir/M, Good morning and best wishes, We the entire staff of ETS NNACHIKIAL INVESTOR COMPLEX appreciate your good effort to me our company to be well know to all the world about what we are looking intrested to buy , which we will build a profitable an long lasting business relationship with all companys that will contact with the company products, We perfectly Import all this products which you are going to see it name here in our mail, MINERAL WATER DRINKS Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, Best regard , Mr Collins Godwell Log onto MarginUp for more contact information.

     Headquarters : N 150/151 DIKA AKWA, HIGH DOUALA, DOUALA, LITTORAL PROVINCE, 237, Cameroon
     Phone : 002375750115, Fax : 002375750115 
     Email : Log on to trade instantly

     Bottle Water Bottle Water 1.5 Lt & 0.5 lT

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your help to see that our company will be well know to all the world to supplier us of what we are looking intrested on it as Mineral Water, here is our company mail address which you will use and update with your company price list and mondles of your company. Please log on to MarginUp to trade with us right away. thanks for your understanding and cooperation,

Best regard,

Mr Alin

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